I feel, quite strongly, that the feels of a festival can be felt as early as the entry queue. Two hours deep into the Rabbits 10th anniversary queue - and the feels were feeling FINE! Providing a dazzling display of humanity at its finest the party had begun. Vibes were epic - so epic in fact that whilst wildly cavorting on the side of the car - I broke my foot. Epic flail = epic fail. However, this did nothing to dim the neon lights in my eyes. This event possessed so many good vibrations that said injury seemed to mystically vanish for at least 72 hours as I shimmied, hobbled and flexed through one mind melting festival experience.

Three main stages and at least five side shows meant a non stop roller coaster of musical adventure. With genres spanning psytrance, techno, house, funk, tribal chill, bass phenomenon, forest floor shakers, D&B and tech house it was a dazzling feast for the ear holes.

Simultaneously the Hey Sunshine stage provided a welcome alternative to the bass. A plethora of brilliant live music (Adam Harpaz, Thunderfox, Hemingway), japanese tea ceremonies, big band funk, hip hop and dribble inducing chill out sounds emanated from the wondrous structure. Here - laying starfished on the grass - was afternoon perfection. All of this said, it was WAABOOZ who stole my heart.

Set amongst cloud grazing and ghostly gum trees - WAABOOZ became my world. A fantastical setting for a gargantuan and primal dance off, with a bone rattling soundsystem fit for the gods. Never have I witnessed such crowd appreciation and powerful stomping - with especially special love for psy perpetrator Smilk, and Deya Dova.

Here we danced for hours, and as night time enveloped the day forest people turned to wolves, howling at the moon. Rapturous faces glowed in the light of spinning fire - eyes wide and desirous. Lovers curled up in nests and watched down on the undulating dance floor - liberation and light kissing the synapses of a sizzling cerebrum, 3000 people strong. Surrounded by these wildlings, in this place of incredible natural beauty, I felt a completeness. A deep satisfaction. Here’s a space devoid of judgement - a place of true freedom, self expression and RADICAL fun.

Truly wondrous earthlings decorated this festival with decadence, debauchery and sweet devilry. Every tree house bore a brilliant conversation. Every ant hill a sizzling new connection. Every neon glowing jellyfish, a fresh love affair. The air hummed with the sound of pure awesome. The atmosphere vibrated on a frequency only made possible by a communal consciousness of this caliber.

The collective attitude of all humans involved is - to me - the most precious jewel in the Australian doof crown. To these gatherings the most interesting and forward thinking people gravitate. If ever in need of a human faith invigorator - the doof provides a tonic.

This is the festival where kind (and incredibly talented/possibly famous) strangers serenade you with ukuleles to a scarlet sun rise. A festival where you could be camped next to a soon-to-be-world-famous cosmic reggae band. This is the festival where a man dressed as a banana whizzes past at 30kph - on a motorized esky. A festival where you can learn tantric sex techniques, acroyoga and permaculture, all in the same space...This is the festival where newcomers are invited to the stage to shine - (Spatchella Of Arts) Where you can drink bloody Mary’s in a tree house, while a handsome French man in bunny ears shows you the entire contents of the cosmos. This is a festival where you be radical, ridiculous and totally free. This is Rabbits Eat Lettuce. See you next year baby!

*Special shout out to the Wonky Queenslander. Unofficial stage. Renegade party machine. Portable portal to another dimension. You guys fucken’ RULE!

Words - Amy Kyriacou

Pictures - Jackie Casimir

Here's another handful of awesomeness captured by the mega babin', mega ravin and mega mega talented Jackie C...

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I feel, quite strongly, that the feels of a festival can be felt as early as the entry queue. Two hours deep into the Rabbits 10th anniversary queue - and the feels were feeling FINE! Providing a dazzling display of…



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