By Rebekah Scanlan

For the last 18 months, Sydney Soiree has been slowly infiltrating the music mad crowd in the Eastern Suburbs and offering them a new dish to taste. And it seems, Sydney’s young professionals might finally have found a new jam…

If you’ve not heard of it before, Sydney Soiree is a come-dine-with me style experience that see’s three groups of four girls and guys meet, over a starter, a main course, and a dessert. That’s a whole TWELVE new peeps to mingle with. Not bad if you’re looking to expand your social circle, or as many people do with Soiree, meet new singletons. (Ching, ching!)

The guys and gals behind the idea, describe Sydney Soiree as an unforgettable roaming dinner party that promises to add a little spice to your life – so of course – Sydney Party People had to check it out for ourselves. All in the name of research, obvs.

In order to take part, you need to gather your mates (4 guys or girls) and register your team by buying a ticket ($50 pp) from Sydney Soiree. You’ll then be matched with three teams of the opposite sex and voilla, you’re ready to go.

On the night of the Soiree, I’m surprisingly nervous. I’m a pretty sociable girl, but the prospect of having 12 strangers round for dinner is making me feel a bit sick. What if it’s totes awks, what if they’re a bunch of weirdos… ermagerrrd what have I let myself in for?

Luckily, I’ve got three friends with me – so after a quick pep talk, involving a large glass of vino – we get cracking on the cooking.

Some top tips I picked up from one of the organisers, Sophie, was to choose food that’s easy to prepare. You don’t want to spend half the time your guests are there cooking. She also suggested to prepare for the night with ice breakers.

We decide to leave shots for each group outside the front door and a few giant sombreros, then we wait for our first group to arrive.

As soon as we meet the boys, I can’t believe I was ever nervous. They’re clearly bricking it way more than us girls ever would. LOL.

The rules state that you get an hour with each team, with the roaming groups catching Uber Taxi’s between each course. Nifty.

Initially I thought an hour was a long time.

But once the drink starts flowing and you get over the initial awkwardness, you soon realise it’s not long enough. ESPESH if there’s someone in the first group you have a spark with.

The next two rounds pass similarly and then it’s onto the Jam Gallery in Bondi Junction – Sydney Soiree’s official after party venue.

There you get the chance to see all your new mates and party the night away with them – and by the looks of everyone in the club – they’re having a blast. Sydney Soiree put on a top line of musical entertainment to rival any other DJ night that might be going on, plus the place is filled with fun new people to party with.

I honestly can’t rate my experience with Sydney Soiree highly enough. It’s a fab way to meet new people and on the night, I even met a few couples who met in the early days of the experience, back again to reminisce on the good times.

Sure, it’s definitely an event that’s favoured by Sydney singletons – as it’s kinda like going on a first date with 12 eligible bachelors (or bachelorettes) at once. But in our soiree, we met a few “taken” people and they were probably more fun than their single mates as they weren’t under any pressure to pull.

In a dating world dominated by swipes and matches, it was refereshing to meet new people the old fashioned way – face to face – and actually get to know people for who they are and not just what they look like (although, that OBVIOUSLY helps ;)

Sydney’s scene for a long time has been dominated by festivals and raves which have always drawn in the crowds. But with the new lock-out-laws, Sydney is having to reinvent itself – and Sydney Soiree is certainly unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

If you haven’t already given Sydney Soiree a go – it’s definitely a MUST this summer. I’m already looking forward to the next one, because girls, this time the boys are cooking!

For more info, visit Sydney Soriee

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